Customers Satisfaction

Our record is well-established our customer analysis, our radical designs, our competitive pricing structure all compliment our finest asset-ourstaff, TECHNOMECH engineers, craftsman, and erectors are totally committed to complete customer satisfaction.

In an Industry as capital intensive as the paper trade, our aim is to ensure that each job provides the highest possible return on investment. With this objective in mind TECHNOMECH is set to serve your paper making unit - towards production and capacity utilization.


  1. M/s. Ballarpur Industries limited, Yamunanagar, Haryana
  2. M/s. Bangladesh Paper Mills Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh,
  3. M/s. Ellora Paper Mills Limited, Tumsar,
  4. M/s. Emami Paper Mills Limited, Kolkata / Balasore,
  5. M/s. Eshwar Paper Mills Limited, Bangalore,
  6. M/s. Everest Paper Mills Limited, Janakpurdham, Nepal,
  7. M/s. Gajanan Paper Mills Limited, Malkapur, Maharastra,
  8. M/s. Gaurav Paper Mills Limited, Nagpur,
  9. M/s. Global Boards Limited, Mahad, Maharashtra,
  10. M/s. Gulmohar Paper Limited, Dakshineswar, W.B.,
  11. M/s. Hakkani Paper Mills Limited, Chittagong, Bangladesh,
  12. M/s. IFB Industries Limited, Kolkata / Nurpur,
  13. M/s. Jejani Pulp & Paper Mills Limited, Warsa, Nagpur,
  14. M/s. Kanoi Paper & Industries Limited, Bilaspur, Chattisgarh,
  15. M/s. KhuIna Newsprint Mills Limited, KhuIna, Bangladesh,
  16. M/s. Konark Paper & Industries Limited, Mayurbhanj, Orissa,
  17. M/s. Larsen &. Toubro Limited, KoIkata,
  1. M/s. Madhyadesh Paper Limited, Nagpur,
  2. M/s. Malu Paper Mills Limited, Nagpur,
  3. M/s. MEB Paper Mills Limited, Chittagong, Bangladesh,
  4. M/s. Mechano Paper Mills Limited, Kolkata,
  5. M/s. Satia Paper Mills Limited, Muktsar, Punjab,
  6. M/s. Shree Raj Rajeswari Pap-chem Industries Limited, Nasik,
  7. M/s. Shree Vidhya Paper Mills Limited, Bhusawal,
  8. M/s. Shri Satpuda S.S.K. Limited, Satpuda, Maharashtra,
  9. M/s. Supreme Paper Mills Limited, Kolkata I Chakdaha,
  10. M/s. SwiI Limited, KoIkata I Nasik I Uttarpara,
  11. M/s. Talwar Consultants, Kolkata,
  12. M/s. The Kopergaon S.S.K. Limited, Kolpewadi, Maharashtra,
  13. M/s. The Pravara Industries Limited, Pravaranagar, Ahmednagar,
  14. M/s. The Vidarbha Paper Mills Limited, Kanhan, Nagpur,
  15. M/s. Universal Paper Mills Limited, Jhargram, W.B.,
  16. M/s. Everest Paper Mills Limited, Ganganagar, 24 Pgs (N),
  17. and many other Mills..............